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I've been crocheting for over 30 years, and come from a family of yarn and fabric artisans. I learned to sew from my Grandmother who made several quilts a year entirely by hand...one for each child, grandchild, and great-grandchild. Life situations and changes caused me to take a chance and open my first Etsy shop in Feb. 2011. A few successful months later, I opened my second Etsy shop as BeccaTheBaker...and later in 2011 opened my third Etsy shop as BeyondCrochetToo. I'm a single mother of 2 teenagers (a girl and a boy), plus 2 cats. I'm a 5th generation Native Californian (Northern California. And am happy to be back on the West Coast in the Pacific Northwest where I belong.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Naming the Nameless

I don't like naming the animals I have in the BeyondCrochet Zoo. I like to leave it up to it's new owner/friend to give it a name. However, I started noticing that whenever one of the turtles was/is featured in a treasury, I'll say something like "My Pumpkin Patch Turtle is in a new treasury". I didn't realize how often I did this until yesterday. So....after a lot of mind changing, I finally decided to give the turtles not so much names, but identities.

The lucky owners can still give them names like "Charlie", or "Terry Turtle". But, here's what they are known to me as:


The new line of baby turtles don't have new names/identities yet. They are still just:

Please stop by and check them out, as well as all their other Zoo friends @ BeyondCrochet

Nicole's Homemade Treats: Salivation Sunday

Nicole's Homemade Treats: Salivation Sunday: "Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!" -Author Unknown Hello! All my best to those of you in Irene's path, b...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Mighty Wind's A Blowin' - A Wishlist Treasury

As some of you know....I live in Florida. And not to make light of the situation, but "Irene" is on her way and expected to be a hurricane. So, I thought a Hurricane theme would be appropriate this week. ;)

I searched "hurricane" on Etsy and here's some of the better items that came up. :)

Beautiful hand-painted Hurricane candleholder

Useful AND pretty!! :)

Now, I didn't survive "Fred", but I HAD to include this just for the Bea Arthur pic!!  - Plus the name of the shop cracks me up too!! lol

I want this!! I really, really want this! - Just one more thing on the wishlists that will have to wait til after the move. :)

Some of you may only know Jared Leto as an actor, but I'm a big fan of his band "30 Seconds To Mars"....this really pretty necklace was inspired by their video "Hurricane".

Pretty necklace made from a broken hurricane lamp.

I love shells, and anything beach themed! :)

Awesome candle holder from South Africa.

I'm not a Miami Hurricanes fan, but this dress is really cute!!

LOVE these painted glasses!!

Beautiful Henna Hurricane Candle 

Vibrant "Eye of the Hurricane" greeting cards

Pretty hurricane glass beads

Hurricane glass shell beads....so pretty!

I found a lot of beautiful hurricane-inspired artwork and photography as well, but most are under copyright so I can't show them to you here....check them out for yourself by entering keyword: hurricane art at etsy.com.

Monday, August 22, 2011

BeccaTheBaker gets its own Facebook page! :D

I finally did it! I finally created a Facebook page for my BeccaTheBaker shop. YAY!! :D

Now instead of posting new listings, and treasury features on my BeyondCrochet page for BeccaTheBaker, I can keep the cooking and the crocheting separate. - The turtles and all the other members of the BeyondCrochet Zoo are happy that they no longer have to share the spotlight!!

I'll still share free recipe links, but they will be on the BeccaTheBaker page now. And any free crafting/crochet/knit pattern links will still be shared on BeyondCrochet....hopefully making both pages more streamlined and less cluttered.

If you would like to follow me on Facebook for either shop, you can find me at:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back on Track......I hope!! LOL

It's been a very hectic month......some good things - like both shops being busy with sales and new listings...and some bad - like having my car breakdown and finding out that it's not only too expensive to fix, but not worth it. (My 2nd car, that is actually my daughter's learner car is in the shop now....and I'm currently waiting with fingers crossed that they can get it running for a price I can afford).

Needless to say, I've been full of mixed emotions....which I didn't want to have come across here on my blog. This is my happy place, and I didn't want to taint it...which is why there has not been any posts for awhile. Hope you all understand. :)

I took a couple extra days to do nothing but think, but now I'm back as both BeccaTheBaker AND BeyondCrochet to bring new items and ideas to life!! :D

Recipe card sets:
Let Them Eat Pie - 12 4x6-inch Recipe Card Set

How Sweet It Is - Set of 24 4x6-inch Recipe Cards

I have other images/sets in the waiting - and will add 2 more sets a day.

Vintage Thanksgiving
Christmas Treats
French-Inspired Herbs
Kitchen Essentials
For The Love of Fall
Thanksgiving Memories
Turkey Time
Pass The Cranberry Sauce
The Breakfast Club
Chocolate Passion
Christmas Around The World
Abstract Edibles
....and many more!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Repost from 6060eyes.com :) - Sugar Corn Candy

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sugar Corn Candy

I know it's still a bit early to talk about Halloween, Fall and Thanksgiving, but it never too early to talk about sugar corn candy. My hubby, he is a loyal fan of sugar corn candy, he can eat a whole bag of those without blinking his eyes. In the past I never really like corn candy because it's too sweet for my tooth, but after I met him and saw that he could put this thing in his mouth non-stop while working, watching tv, and even doing yard work, I started to look at this candy a different way. This candy is a symbol of the sweetness you can get from Fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween. The color is cheerful and it's always bring you back the memories of the happiness to have a big feast, party and having the lovely people around you in that season. Now while I am typing this, just thinking about it makes me want to have one. Since they are not in the supermarket yet, meanwhile I think I can just look at this amigurumi sugar corn and wait patiently until the fall arrives. =)

Pictures from Becky and her etsy store

Friday, August 5, 2011

Movies To Crochet By #4


2010 PG 123 minutes
When Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) agrees to take over her ailing father's thoroughbred stable, she transforms from housewife to horse breeder -- and owner of the colt that will take the 1973 Triple Crown -- in this dramatic biopic. The film explores Chenery's bond with "Big Red" and depicts her rise to greatness as the "first lady of racing." John Malkovich plays trainer Lucien Laurin, and Fred Dalton Thompson co-stars as big-shot breeder Bull Hancock.

Loved, loved, loved this movie!! Heartfelt story-telling the way Disney used to do their live-action movies!


2008 PG-13 90 minutes
Forced to marry Camille (Sienna Miller), the sheriff's niece, parolee Silas (James Franco) takes his bride on a Niagara Falls honeymoon, where he plans to escape to Canada. Certain the trip will rehabilitate Silas, Camille remains enthusiastic -- even after she dies in a crash. Now, Silas must deal with Camille's denial about her death and her slow decomposition. David Carradine co-stars in this quirky romantic comedy.

Very sweet movie....and James Franco is just so cute in anything - who could resist? :)


(The Adventures of Merlin)
2008-2009 NR Seasons 1-2
A family-oriented retelling of the popular King Arthur legend finds Merlin (Colin Morgan) arriving in Camelot, where magic is banned. There, he clandestinely hones his sorcery skills with the help of his uncle (Richard Wilson), the court physician. Meanwhile, Merlin strikes up a reluctant truce with the irritating Prince Arthur (Bradley James) and befriends a lonely dragon held captive in the palace dungeon.

Been watching a lot of British shows lately, and really liking them. This one starts out a little juvenile - more geared for teens I think, but it's story lines kept me watching....although nothing like the Merlin and world of King Arthur I'm familiar with.

Marvin's Room

1996 PG-13 98 minutes
The tables are turned when straight-laced Bessie (Diane Keaton) -- who devotes her life to caring for her chronically ill father (Hume Cronyn) -- suffers a health catastrophe of her own and must ask her estranged, bohemian sibling (Meryl Streep) for help. This film is a first-class adaptation of Scott McPherson's play, with a young Leonardo DiCaprio holding his own among a heavyweight cast that includes Robert De Niro and Gwen Verdon.

Don't know how this one got past me, but I'm glad I finally watched it. Wonderful movie, beautifully acted by an all-star cast. Although the storyline sounds depressing, it's more a celebration of life.

Mad Men

2007-2010 TV-14 Seasons 1-4
Set in 1960s New York City, this AMC series takes a peek inside an ad agency during an era when the cutthroat business had a glamorous lure. When the cigarette smoke clears and the martinis are set down, at the center of it all is ad man Don Draper (Jon Hamm). Meanwhile, his marriage suffers as his wife, Betty (January Jones), recoils from his womanizing ways. Garnering numerous awards, the show also stars John Slattery and Elisabeth Moss.

I've been waiting for this one to come to instant view....and it is well worth the wait! Really, really like this show!!

Charlotte Gray

2001 PG-13 121 minutes
A Scottish woman (Cate Blanchett) searching for her missing pilot boyfriend during World War II must choose between finding her lost love and taking a stand when she meets a local farmer (Michael Gambon) and his son (Billy Crudup), a leader in the resistance who's harboring two Jewish children. Australian director Gillian Armstrong helms this period drama based on Sebastian Faulks's novel of the same name.

You Again

2010 PG 105 minutes
History -- make that high school -- may repeat itself when Marni (Kristen Bell) learns that Joanna (Odette Yustman), the mean girl from her past, is set to be her sister-in-law. Before the wedding bells toll, Marni must show her brother that a tiger doesn't change its stripes. On Marni's side is her mother (Jamie Lee Curtis), while Joanna's backed by her wealthy aunt (Sigourney Weaver). Kristin Chenoweth co-stars as the couple's wedding planner.

Very cute movie....and yes it brought back some memories.

Life on Mars (U.S.): The Complete Series

2008 TV-14 17 episodes
In present-day New York City, cop Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara) is struck by a car and transported to 1973. But is Sam really lost in time, or is it an illusion resulting from his accident? As Sam tries to figure it all out, he attempts to continue his job with the N.Y.P.D. and discovers that police work has come a long way in 35 years. Michael Imperioli and Harvey Keitel co-star in this American version of the hit British show from David E. Kelley. 

Older series, but I had never seen it.  Interesting concept and kept my interest while counting stitches. lol

Love and Other Disasters

2006 R 90 minutes
Director Alek Keshishian unspools a charming tale that finds a young American (Brittany Murphy) attempting to play matchmaker for friends and co-workers -- with mixed results -- while interning at a major British fashion magazine. Problem is, she's so busy hooking up everyone else that she can't see her ideal match right under her nose. The supporting cast of characters includes Matthew Rhys, Santiago Cabrera and Catherine Tate.

I only wanted to watch this because it says it stars Orlando Bloom. Even though Orlando Bloom only appears for a few brief moments in the end, the movie was still very cute and I recommend it as a sweet love story. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I just don't understand it.

For the second time in about a month, I've experienced an Etsy seller that has forgotten my order. :(

I wait and wait for my purchase to arrive, and check my emails and Paypal account for SOME kind of verification that the item was sent...after all, in BOTH cases my Etsy purchases/invoices were MARKED as being sent! That should mean that they were indeed sent out on the day it says right? - Honesty in business, especially a small handmade business SHOULD be high on the list of priorities. At least it is for me and most other sellers I have been fortunate enough to know.

But, not with these sellers apparently. And to make it worse, when I try to politely contact them and ask if they have a tracking number for my package that says it was sent out on a specific date, I get lies or no response at all. - The one that actually DID respond to my convo said that she had had issues with Paypal's shipping labels and all the packages she sent out were returned and she had to hand-write them all over again. - Feasible and I had believed her....she even changed the shipping date on Etsy to reflect the new date the item was sent (marked shipped out 2 days prior to our conversation). - Then my package finally arrived and was postmarked as being shipped the day AFTER contacted her...3 days later than the date she claimed to have re-mailed it! BAD, BAD BUSINESS!!!

As a fellow Etsian Seller, I know how it can get overwhelming at times. Stuff happens, and although I have yet to misplace an order...I do understand how easily it can happen for the busier shops like the one mentioned. BUT, if I had just gotten the truth and an apology for the error, I would have been happy. I never asked for any money back, or any type of future discount or anything else other than the order that I paid for...even though my item finally arrived nearly a FULL MONTH after I had purchased it!

As for the second shop - I waited 8 days to contact them from the time the purchase was made and I received no reply. The only thing that happened was the shipping date was changed to the date of my contact. That was 6 days ago and I still have not received my purchase or any contact back from the seller. In this case the item I purchased is an inexpensive book printing, but that shouldn't matter. The only thing that should matter is that someone liked what you are selling enough to buy it - AT the price you are offering it for - and all effort should be made to make sure that customer gets their purchases in a timely manner. IF (as in this seller's case) your shop states that the item will be mailed out in 4 business days, then 14 days should not go by without any signs of that purchase!

In both cases, these shops are offering Made To Order items. And in both cases, they state specific times as to how long it will be before the item(s) ship. And again, in both cases, they have very nice, well-made items....which saddens me even more that they will eventually ruin their reputations and their businesses by showing such little care and respect to their customers. :(

For the first shop, I had decided not to leave any feedback. I only wrote back to the seller letting her know the item did finally arrive and how disappointed I was in the apparent fact that my order was misplaced and I was lied to about it. We run in the same teams, so I'm hoping that she will shape up and be more honest and careful in the future - she has had no negative feedback or even neutral and I did not want to be the first to do so. I DO believe it was a mistake and that she just should have been brave enough to tell me the truth.
As for the 2nd shop, she specializes in digital downloads (which I also purchased and received). It appears that as long as she only has to deal with orders through email, then she gets her orders out quickly. But I have seen since my purchase was made that a few other buyers have left neutral feedback on items that were shipped stating that it took forever to receive them. So we'll see, I'm currently undecided as to how I wish to handle this one. To completely ignore a customer who has a legitimate concern, is extremely disrespectful in my book....we will see.

Thank you for letting me rant and get this off my chest. I hope all of you have much better experiences. And please be kind and courteous to your customers, as you would want a seller to be kind and courteous to you. ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wishlist #14 - It's A Dog's Life

When I first started these Wishlists it was for items that I wished for either after I finally (someday) make the move to the West Coast, or just items that I long for but wouldn't realistically be able to get (such as items out of my price range. lol)

But the Wishlists have started to take on a life of their own and are becoming more like Treasuries. So with that in mind, I've decided to showcase some of my favorite Sellers of all things canine. Enjoy!! :)

Cute little Yorkie Appliques

Adorable doggy treats

Cute paper "dolls"

I love these little soda can puppies!! :)

How CUTE??

Dog Pupcakes

Cute Cookie Cutters :)

Doggie Squeaky Toy

Wonderful Set of ACEOs

Adorable Applique

Very pretty collars, and proceeds go towards the care of animals.

Every dog should have a cool looking house. :)