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Friday, August 5, 2011

Movies To Crochet By #4


2010 PG 123 minutes
When Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) agrees to take over her ailing father's thoroughbred stable, she transforms from housewife to horse breeder -- and owner of the colt that will take the 1973 Triple Crown -- in this dramatic biopic. The film explores Chenery's bond with "Big Red" and depicts her rise to greatness as the "first lady of racing." John Malkovich plays trainer Lucien Laurin, and Fred Dalton Thompson co-stars as big-shot breeder Bull Hancock.

Loved, loved, loved this movie!! Heartfelt story-telling the way Disney used to do their live-action movies!


2008 PG-13 90 minutes
Forced to marry Camille (Sienna Miller), the sheriff's niece, parolee Silas (James Franco) takes his bride on a Niagara Falls honeymoon, where he plans to escape to Canada. Certain the trip will rehabilitate Silas, Camille remains enthusiastic -- even after she dies in a crash. Now, Silas must deal with Camille's denial about her death and her slow decomposition. David Carradine co-stars in this quirky romantic comedy.

Very sweet movie....and James Franco is just so cute in anything - who could resist? :)


(The Adventures of Merlin)
2008-2009 NR Seasons 1-2
A family-oriented retelling of the popular King Arthur legend finds Merlin (Colin Morgan) arriving in Camelot, where magic is banned. There, he clandestinely hones his sorcery skills with the help of his uncle (Richard Wilson), the court physician. Meanwhile, Merlin strikes up a reluctant truce with the irritating Prince Arthur (Bradley James) and befriends a lonely dragon held captive in the palace dungeon.

Been watching a lot of British shows lately, and really liking them. This one starts out a little juvenile - more geared for teens I think, but it's story lines kept me watching....although nothing like the Merlin and world of King Arthur I'm familiar with.

Marvin's Room

1996 PG-13 98 minutes
The tables are turned when straight-laced Bessie (Diane Keaton) -- who devotes her life to caring for her chronically ill father (Hume Cronyn) -- suffers a health catastrophe of her own and must ask her estranged, bohemian sibling (Meryl Streep) for help. This film is a first-class adaptation of Scott McPherson's play, with a young Leonardo DiCaprio holding his own among a heavyweight cast that includes Robert De Niro and Gwen Verdon.

Don't know how this one got past me, but I'm glad I finally watched it. Wonderful movie, beautifully acted by an all-star cast. Although the storyline sounds depressing, it's more a celebration of life.

Mad Men

2007-2010 TV-14 Seasons 1-4
Set in 1960s New York City, this AMC series takes a peek inside an ad agency during an era when the cutthroat business had a glamorous lure. When the cigarette smoke clears and the martinis are set down, at the center of it all is ad man Don Draper (Jon Hamm). Meanwhile, his marriage suffers as his wife, Betty (January Jones), recoils from his womanizing ways. Garnering numerous awards, the show also stars John Slattery and Elisabeth Moss.

I've been waiting for this one to come to instant view....and it is well worth the wait! Really, really like this show!!

Charlotte Gray

2001 PG-13 121 minutes
A Scottish woman (Cate Blanchett) searching for her missing pilot boyfriend during World War II must choose between finding her lost love and taking a stand when she meets a local farmer (Michael Gambon) and his son (Billy Crudup), a leader in the resistance who's harboring two Jewish children. Australian director Gillian Armstrong helms this period drama based on Sebastian Faulks's novel of the same name.

You Again

2010 PG 105 minutes
History -- make that high school -- may repeat itself when Marni (Kristen Bell) learns that Joanna (Odette Yustman), the mean girl from her past, is set to be her sister-in-law. Before the wedding bells toll, Marni must show her brother that a tiger doesn't change its stripes. On Marni's side is her mother (Jamie Lee Curtis), while Joanna's backed by her wealthy aunt (Sigourney Weaver). Kristin Chenoweth co-stars as the couple's wedding planner.

Very cute movie....and yes it brought back some memories.

Life on Mars (U.S.): The Complete Series

2008 TV-14 17 episodes
In present-day New York City, cop Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara) is struck by a car and transported to 1973. But is Sam really lost in time, or is it an illusion resulting from his accident? As Sam tries to figure it all out, he attempts to continue his job with the N.Y.P.D. and discovers that police work has come a long way in 35 years. Michael Imperioli and Harvey Keitel co-star in this American version of the hit British show from David E. Kelley. 

Older series, but I had never seen it.  Interesting concept and kept my interest while counting stitches. lol

Love and Other Disasters

2006 R 90 minutes
Director Alek Keshishian unspools a charming tale that finds a young American (Brittany Murphy) attempting to play matchmaker for friends and co-workers -- with mixed results -- while interning at a major British fashion magazine. Problem is, she's so busy hooking up everyone else that she can't see her ideal match right under her nose. The supporting cast of characters includes Matthew Rhys, Santiago Cabrera and Catherine Tate.

I only wanted to watch this because it says it stars Orlando Bloom. Even though Orlando Bloom only appears for a few brief moments in the end, the movie was still very cute and I recommend it as a sweet love story. :)

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